We’re proud to say that we’ve worked with many industry leaders in a variety of fields. Here’s what they’ve said about us

Overall it has been demonstrated that the ERT system can provide very valuable information for the monitoring and control of multiphase processes.

Dr F.X. Ricard, GlaxoSmithKline

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We have conducted pioneering studies on the ECT-assisted analysis of high pressure (20 atm) and temperature (453 to 503 K) in a mechanically-stirred slurry Fischer-Trospch reaction to relate phase hold-up evolution to reaction metrics.

University of New South Wales, Australia

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Through ERT we are gaining an invaluable insight into what is happening inside our vessels which enables us to optimise our mixing systems and thus ensure the highest catalyst performance for our customers.

Johnson Matthey Catalysts, Annual Report and Accounts 2012

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ERT has helped us better understand several of our products.

Dr. Radboud Nelissen, Associate Research Scientist, Nestle Ltd

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