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ITS’s P2+ tomography software enables customers to get the most out of their P2+ ERT instrumentation, empowering users to understand, monitor and control their processes.

As well as driving the P2+ instrument, our latest Version 9 software covers all the essential features of the previous ITS tomography software, providing:

  • Real-time tomography images, both as individual planes and integrated 3D views
  • Statistical data on processes (mixing statistics, bulk and regional averages, population distributions, etc.)
  • Raw voltage data in table and graphical format
  • Export utilities compatible with .csv and .avi for use with Excel, PowerPoint, MATLAB, and other separate analytical tools

The version 9 software has included a number of new analytical features that allow our end users to extract more accurate process information, even under some extreme process environments.

Half-filled pipelines

Typically, ERT measurements can be distorted when the sensor is half-filled, or when the flow process contains several air slugs. When a sensor is installed horizontally, our V9 software can utilise the spatial information to remove the ‘gas’ phase from the tomogram and calculate more accurate solid phase readings.

Square Protocol

Conventional ERT sensors are either in circular or linear protocols. However, there are several applications that are square and hence the circular protocol is not applicable. The V9 software now includes the square protocol, in combination with the ITS square sensor, which allows us to offer the best measurement accuracy under a non-circular process environment.

Suspension Measurements

Incorporated with the latest ITS ERT sensor design, the sensor is able differentiate the small solid (suspension) particles and large solid (sediment) particles that flow through the sensors. This information could be really useful in some applications, especially when the process efficiency is mainly associated with large solids particles.

Solid Bed Height Extraction

In most hydraulic transportation applications, monitoring the solid bed height is vital; a high bed height value is often a sign of inefficient pumping process, and may lead to a pipe blockage which may suspend the entire flow operation. ITS has implemented the bed height algorithm in the latest software so it can be measured and transformed into a 4-20mA (with our I/O box module) signal for online control.

If you’d like to find out more about Version 9, you can complete the enquiry form on our Contact Us page, email, or call +44 (0) 161 832 9297.

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