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The v5r is the newest instrument from ITS, providing customers with:

  • High speed
  • High accuracy
  • Expanded performance envelope

The v5r is a simple to use, high performance device, based on a new voltage-voltage measurement technique.  This means that the instrument is able to respond to changing process environments, optimizing its performance without the need for re-calibration, and has the added benefit of delivering a much wider performance envelope, thereby producing high quality data in large vessels (diameters over 4m) or highly conducting media (brine and other highly ionic substrates).

The high frame rate of the v5r means that it can be used to monitor rapidly evolving processes or dynamic flow conditions.  When used in combination with AimFlow software, data can be used to determine the flow profile of complex multiphase processes; allowing engineers to discriminate between laminar, plug and other important flow conditions for deeper understanding and improved process control. What’s more, the instrument can be operated with an Ex module to enable sensors to be deployed in hazardous environments (ATEX certified to EEx ia IIC T6).

When used for concentration measurements, the ability to measure full impedance across a wide range of phase ratios means the v5r is able to deliver considerable accuracy across a wider conductivity range compared to other devices.

The v5r delivers data in the standard ITS format, allowing data to be reviewed though ITS’s tomography Toolsuite.  In addition, the v5r operating system provides application support for engineers who wish to develop utilities through the widely used LabView architecture.

If you’d like to find out more about how the v5r will enhance your process, you can send us an enquiry online, via email, or by calling +44 (0) 832 9297.

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