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ERT instrument from Industrial Tomography Systems

The p2+ is a high precision electrical resistance tomography instrument.

Supplied to customers all round the world (with installations at NASA to subsea operation and customers in each major continent), it has been designed and developed by ITS based on expertise in process tomography and improved over the years in performance and functionality drawn from customer feedback.

The instrument is available in 2 sizes:

  • full size, which can operate up to 8 measurement planes (128 electrodes). The 8 plane unit is primarily used by to provide a complete picture of a vessel or column.
  • compact, which operates 1 or 2 measurement planes (up to 32 electrodes). The compact p2+ is used for flow and probe based applications.

The p2+ primary operation is electrical resistance tomography, although real and imaginary measurements can be taken.

The p2+ instrument is connected to an ITS sensor using high quality, co-ax cables and Windows p2+ with USB.

The p2+ software interface allows users to specify:

  • 10 different operating methods, suited to different processes and operating environments (e.g. linear probe, vessel, flow).
  • current range (0-75mA) to allow data to be collected from different sensor sizes and operate in different conducting fluids.
  • data capture rates
  • control outputs of key variables, such as concentration, mixing index or zoned conductivity threshold values

The instrument can be operated with an Ex module to allow sensors to be placed in hazardous environments (ATEX certified to EEx ia IIC T6)

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