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ITS's ECT instrument

The m3c is a high precision electrical capacitance tomography instrument.

Supplied to customers all round the world with customers in each major continent, it has been designed and developed by ITS based on expertise in process tomography and improved over the years in performance and functionality drawn from customer feedback.

The m3c primary operation is electrical capacitance tomography, although real and imaginary measurements can be taken.

The m3c instrument is connected to an ITS sensor using high quality, co-ax cables and Windows operating software with USB.

The m3c operates at 1MHz and with 18V peak to peak AC sine wave voltage excitation. System sensitivity is 0.01 – 1 pF using single plane sensor.

Data can be acquired at 50 frames per second (at 500 kHz with a 12 electrode sensor plane).

Users can select

  • standard operating mode or high dielectric reconstruction which allows data to be taken in high moisture environments
  • sensor configuration for single, dual or three plane sensors

At present, the m3c operates circular sensor configurations. Sensors can be from 7 to 600mm diameter.

The instrument can be supplied as Ex certified which allow sensors to be placed in hazardous environments (ATEX certified to Ex mb IIC T4 or T3 Gb).

For multiphase systems, the m3c can also be used with ITS resistance tomography instruments and data reviewed on a common Tomography Toolsuite platform

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