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4-20mA control output for tomography

The IO Box module is a device that enables tomography data to be used for closed loop process control.

The ITS Input-Output Module (or IO Box) is a multiple input / multiple output (MIMO) device that allows the p2+ tomography instrument to import and export 4-20mA signals.  It is a free standing unit that connects via USB 2.0 port to the PC running the ITS tomography program.

Input data allows tomography calculations to be integrated with flow, temperature, absolute conductivity or other measurements.  These can be displayed or exported with a common timestamp.  ITS software has an inbuilt algorithm that allows engineers to take data – such as temperature and then use this to separate out conductivity changes due to process environment vs. concentration.

Users can select from a range of variables measured by the p2+ tomography software.  Most commonly this can be average measurements relating to conductivity or concentration; spatial information such as statistics relating to an interface or processed tomography information on flow conditions or mixing indices.

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