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Level detection using tomography

Interface (and level) detection is a basic measurement requirement for many processes.

Whilst traditional level detection techniques are available for many applications, certain interfaces present significant measurement challenges.

Using patented measurement methods, ITS has developed the LEVEL-ITOMETER, an ECID (electrical conductivity interface detector) which is suited to:

  • Organic–aqueous interfaces, as found in solvent extraction (in mining and nuclear reprocessing), phase split (in pharmaceuticals) and oil / water separation in the petrochem sector.
  • Liquid-foam interfaces, as found in food and drink production and mineral processing flotation tanks.
  • Suspended solids as found in nuclear waste management, dredging, minerals processing and many other sectors.

Measurements are taken using a static probe and connected to the LEVEL-ITOMETER instrument. Where necessary, the sensor can be fabricated with materials resistant to chemicals or high radiation fields. ITS provides an additional option for intrinsically safe operation of the probe (certified to ATEX standard EEx ia IIC T6). In such cases, the instrument should be operated at a safe distance from the hazardous area or placed in a purged enclosure.

An additional feature of the ECID is its ability to self calibrate to changes in background process materials.

The interface level is delivered as a 4-20mA output at rates of approximately once per second. Both raw and processed data can be also be archived for review.

ITS can provide advice on system suitability for particular processes, commissioning and technical support as required.


  • Level-itometer Instrumentation Options

    Level-itometer Instrumentation Options

  • Level-itometer Sensor Options

    Level-itometer Sensor Options

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