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ERT Probe Sensors from ITS

ITS has more than 12 years experience designing sensors for industrial applications.

ERT sensors comprise of multiple electrodes which must make electrical contact with the fluid within the process volume.

The most common geometry for retrofitting and industrial applications is a probe-based sensor with the electrodes arranged uniformly along the length of the probe. Probe length can be from less than 1cm to over 1m long and up to 8 can be used from a single instrument where longer lengths or multiple locations are required.

The sensing region of the probe is from top to bottom electrode and then up to ½ the length tangentially from the probe (thus a 1m probe will interrogate conditions up to 50cm into the process fluid).

This approach is suitable for vessel based sensors for both R&D and industrial applications.

ERT can also be applied to vessels using probe based sensors. A variety of materials can be used for sensor body, including

  • acrylic
  • polymer Lined Stainless Steel
  • abrasion resistant ceramic tiles
  • glass or glass reinforced steel

Electrodes can be constructed of

  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Hastelloy
  • platinum
  • conducting ceramics
  • copper

ITS has built sensors which have been fitted in autoclaves and have an operating temperature in excess of to 200°C and operating pressure of 50 bar.

Sensors have been built for aggressive environments including high radiation fields, abrasive chemicals as well as acids, solvents and other challenging materials.

ERT probe sensors can be used with the p2+ instrument for interface detection monitoring and controlling reactions and mixing applications.

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