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Jun 2017

WEDA: Dredging Summit and Expo 2017

The Western Dredging Association—WEDA—will host the Dredging Summit and Expo in Vancouver, B.C., Canada from the 26-29 June 2017. ITS CEO Ken Primrose will be on hand to meet with industry experts to discuss ITS’ role in the dredging sector. The summit promotes research and insight of engineering applications, while keeping in mind the goal of trying to provide solutions to the changing marine environment.

Most importantly, WEDA uses its resources and contacts to put an emphasis on further education. This means the organisation is dedicated to understanding environmental and safety conditions. A focus on change in the industry will set new standards and influence the future generations of dredging. Likewise, ITS has a commitment to these factors and wants to learn how to better their products with this insight. The Dens-Itometer is a greener, more cost-effective solution to the gamma densitometer that is found in the current market. This summit is an excellent opportunity for ITS to bring new knowledge to its product development. ITS can help set the framework for innovation and growth. In conclusion, the advancing technologies and resources will help provide a long-term substitute to the nuclear-based technology.

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