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Tomography engineer Wadoud Hazineh
Aug 2014

Meet the team: Wadoud Hazineh, applications engineer

In this installment of our semi-regular series, Industrial Tomography Systems invites you to meet another member of our team of application engineers…

Name: Wadoud Hazineh

Background: I was born and raised in Jordan, and moved to the UK about seven years ago to attend university. I’m a chemical engineer by training and education; having been awarded a degree in chemical engineering from the University of Manchester. Before working at ITS, I also worked at a specialist chemicals company within Greater Manchester (Quatchem Ltd), where I was responsible for the majority of the design of plant, and gained a wealth of H&S experience. My work experiences to date were also the subject of a case study that was recently published on Prospects – the UK’s official graduate careers website.

Role at ITS: As an Applications Engineer and Quality Manager, my role involves sensor design specification, commissioning of new tomography systems, and also training users how to operate our technology and get the best results. In the past year alone I’ve visited several facilities across the globe to install new tomography systems, including sites in the Netherlands, and India. In addition, I’m responsible for ensuring that all aspects of ITS’s operations run smoothly from a Quality Management side.

Hobbies: I have a secret passion for cooking and enjoy dinner parties. You can find me at the nearest Jazz Club or Theatre, watching the latest performance. I enjoy travelling too, which my role at ITS allows me to do frequently.

Thoughts on ITS’s solutions: ITS has an impressive portfolio of technology, enabling us to deliver bespoke solutions to problems both unique and commonplace.

To find out more about ITS’s solutions, you can send us an enquiry online, contact our team by email, or calling +44 (0) 161 832 9297.