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Use of ERT and Chromatography columns
May 2011

Use of ERT and Chromatography columns

Managing director of ITS, Ken Primrose presented a paper on Protein Synthesis and purification in Packed columns at the IFPAC, Baltimore, USA 2011 conference. This case study was put together by two separate applications from Genzyme (synthesis) and Pfizer (purification).

Electrical process tomography is a technique which provides the conductivity distribution within pipes, columns and vessels. It is one of the few ways in which the in situ performance of packed columns can be evaluated.

The manufacture of certain proteins, and purification of others, will often use a packed column. The yield of this process depends on the flow conditions through the column. In addition, the cost of the media of a column is substantial. At present is it is difficult to determine the quality of a packed bed and so determine its useful life.

We are pleased to report on work done over several years in the application of electrical tomography as a tool to better understand packed columns and so improve their performance.

To read the full case study , please click here.