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Tomography in Mexico
Dec 2015

UNAM to become the largest tomography-equipped lab in Latin America

The biggest university in Latin America, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (or “National Autonomous University of Mexico” as it’s known in English) is set to become the world’s largest tomography center in early 2016.

UNAM boasts numerous former Mexican presidents and Nobel laureates among its alumni, in addition to its three hundred thousand-strong student body. Supplying numerous systems to monitor multiphase flows at this cutting-edge facility, ITS is delighted to be contributing to the academic excellence of this world-leading institution.

In recognition of the significance of this new tomography center, Ken Primrose made the trip to UNAM’s campus in Mexico City to deliver a 1-day workshop on the theme of gaining a deeper insight into multiphase processes using tomography. Ken commented:

“With dozens of attendees from across academia and industry, the workshop was a huge success! Both students and faculty at UNAM were highly enthusiastic about all that our tomography products have to offer their research. We’re looking forward to working with UNAM over the coming months and years as this tomography center continues to grow and develop.”

DSCN2257ITS has installed systems in over one hundred research sites all over the world; this particular order was secured with the assistance of our Mexican partner MacroLab.

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