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Installing a dual modality tomography system in India
Aug 2013

New electrical tomography installation in India

In July 2013, a member of Industrial Tomography System’s team of application engineers, Wadoud Hazineh (centre) traveled to the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, to install a new dual modality tomography system.

IIT New Delhi’s system incorporates both electrical resistance tomography instrumentation and electrical capacitance tomography instrumentation to enable users to visualise processes that involve multiple phases. The system is being applied to bubble columns, fluidised beds, and slurry columns.

Wadoud and our local representative, Suneil Dua, were on hand to ensure the installation ran smoothly, and to train IIT students and staff in how to operate their new tomography system. For Wadoud, getting out into the field to meet users (as well as installing ITS technologies into their applications) is just one of the highlights of working at ITS…

“It was an excellent chance to get acquainted with the applications of tomography at a leading institute in multiphase flow.”

If you’d like to find out more about how ITS’s technology can be employed to visualise multiphase processes, contact us directly or get in touch with one of our partners in your country.