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Jan 2018

Tomography 2018 – Key Events ITS will be Attending

2018 is shaping up to be our busiest year yet! ITS representatives are scheduled to attend a full slate of conferences and symposiums around the world, focusing on a range of topics including Mixing, food processing and dredging. Below is a breakdown of the events you can expect to find us at:

Tomography 2018Anuga FoodTec: Cologne, 20th – 23rd March 2018

One of the leading global trade fair, Anuga FoodTec is among the driving forces of the international food and beverage industry again. It is the only trade fair in the world that covers all aspects of food production.




Tomography 2018

47th Intelligent Sensing Program – Sensing in Manufacturing: Manchester,  27th March 2018

ITS is proud to contribute towards KTP projects which promote understanding and higher manufacturing standards. To cement this fact, ITS CEO Ken Primrose will be a guest speaker at the KTP’s latest event in Manchester, which aims to explore the role of sensing technologies in modern manufacturing.


Tomography 2018ACHEMA 2018: Frankfurt, 11th – 15th June 2018

Achema is among the leading forums for chemical engineering and the process industry. With over a 166,000 participants from 100 countries the triennial event attracts leading figures from academia and industry.




Tomography 2018NAMF – Mixing XXVI: Puerto Rico, 24th – 29th June 2018

The North American Mixing Forum (NAMF) is a multidisciplinary, international group promoting scholarship, research and education in the field of mixing. NAMF promotes the role that mixing plays in your process, scale up successfully, improve yields, reduce waste, and/or increase productivity.



Tomography 2018WEDA – Dredging Summit and Expo: Virginia, 25th – 28th June 2018

The Dredging Summit & Expo ’18 is a technical conference organized by the Western Dredging Association (WEDA) to promote the exchange of knowledge in fields related to dredging, navigation, marine engineering and construction. It will provide a forum for improvement of communications, technology transfer, and cooperation among associations & societies.


Tomography 2018

WCIPT9: Bath, 2nd – 6th September 2018

The World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography (WCIPT) aims to explore new themes in the science and technology of Industrial Process Tomography. It addresses significant progress in foundational topics and pioneering industrial applications. The Congress is also the primary biennial meeting for ISIPT members, but welcomes all.



Tomography 2018Mixing 16 – European Conference on mixing: 9th – 12th September 2018

This successful conference series, which is organized by the European Federation of Chemical Engineering – Working Party on Mixing, has been running since 1974 and attracts academics and industrialists from all over the world to discuss progress on mixing technology, research and applications in the process industries.


If you’re attending any of these events,  get in touch now so we can arrange to come and say ‘hello’. Alternatively, if you can’t make it, contact us to arrange a personal visit or phone call!