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The Vortex Monitor Linear Probe from ITS
Aug 2023

Sensor of the Month – Vortex Monitor

Our Sensor of the Month for August is the Vortex Monitor

The vortex monitor is a specialised version of the linear probe, which even had its own user interface. It was an exciting application which needed to go into a radioactive cell, working with concentrated acids.

The work, which was reported on at subsequent tomography conferences, provided a measure of the vortex created by a magnetic bead mixer during semi-continuous crystallisation. It gave real-time feedback on mixing, helping with both the safety and efficiency of a critical process.

Interestingly, we have also developed vortex monitors for hydrocyclones in mining, but that will need to wait for another month.

This linear probe can also be used for level detection by monitoring the interface between different constituent parts of the mixture. This can be used in measuring the settlement of solids in a vessel or to track a liquid-to-froth interface.

ITS Linear Probes

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