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Top down view of the interior of the XK model ERT sensor
Jan 2023

Sensor of the Month – The XK Model ERT Sensor

We’re excited to start our ‘Sensor of the Month’ series. Every month we’ll highlight one of our custom sensors that we are particularly proud of.

This month we have The XK Model ERT Sensor.

The XK Model ERT Sensor

The ITS XK model ERT sensor standing on its end - ITS

The XK Model ERT Sensor for the Smart Column is a versatile easy to install sensor, designed for chromatography applications such as protein purification. The innovative ‘click-in’ design allows for changes of different ID sensors within the Smart Column in seconds.

Boasting 4 planes of 16 electrodes, the sensor provides clear and real-time tomographic imaging to see inside your chromatography process.

The design allows for smooth integration with Cytiva XK series columns.

ERT | Electrical Resistance Tomography

The basic principles of electrical resistance tomography (ERT) are to take multiple measurements at the periphery of a process vessel or pipeline and combine these to provide information on the electrical properties of the process volume.

Find out more about ERT.

Smart Columns

Smart Column technology integrates ERT into chromatography so that you can “see inside” the chromatography column.

Why do customers like the ‘XK model ERT sensor’:

The ‘XK model ERT sensor allows the user to have many ready packed columns on the same ERT instrument. Users are able to switch between columns in a matter of seconds.

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