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The ITS linear Probe standing up against a wall with the connector cable attached - ITS
Jun 2023

Sensor of the Month – Linear Probe

Our Sensor of the Month for June is the Linear Probe.

The linear probe can be used for a wide range of different applications. One of the most common applications of the linear probe is to monitor the mixing process by measuring concentration and providing a mixing index. This can help provide the customer with real-time data on the progress of their mixing application.

The linear probe can also be used for level detection by monitoring the interface between different constituent parts of the mixture. This can be used in measuring the settlement of solids in a vessel or to track a liquid-to-froth interface.

The linear probe can be manufactured to a range of different lengths and the adapter can be customised to the clients’ mounting requirements.

ERT | Electrical Resistance Tomography

The basic principles of electrical resistance tomography (ERT) are to take multiple measurements at the periphery of a process vessel or pipeline and combine these to provide information on the electrical properties of the process volume

Why Do Customers Like The Linear Probe

The linear probe is a highly durable sensor which can be easily incorporated into a wide range of industrial processes with minimal interference.