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The Hygienic CIP ERT Sensor - ITS
May 2023

Sensor of the Month – Hygienic CIP (Clean in place) ERT Sensor

For this month we have chosen the Hygienic CIP (Clean in place) ERT Sensor.

The hygienic sensor follows the design principles outlined by the European Hygienic Engineering & Design group. The hygienic sensor can be installed in factories involved in food manufacturing providing real-time tomographic imaging of the food production process. The hygienic design allows the sensor to be cleaned in place resulting in minimum downtime for the customer.

Just like other ERT sensors, the number of electrode planes or the flange adapters are customisable to the clients’ requirements.

ERT | Electrical Resistance Tomography

The basic principles of electrical resistance tomography (ERT) are to take multiple measurements at the periphery of a process vessel or pipeline and combine these to provide information on the electrical properties of the process volume

Why Do Customers Like The Hygienic Sensor?

The hygienic sensor enables customers to monitor the progress of the food production process. Whether this be the mixing of food products, monitoring production or a more specific process such as pasteurisation, the Hygienic ERT sensor can provide the client with data in real time.

For more information on the Hygienic CIP (Clean in place) ERT Sensor, or any of our other tomography products or services, get in touch with our team today. We’d be thrilled to talk through your challenges to help you find a solution through tomography.