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Scanning For Inside Information
Oct 2011

Scanning For Inside Information

One of the challenges in managing filtration and separation processes is to know what’s going on inside the filter or separator.

Industrial Tomography Systems highlights the benefits of scanning in achieving this; While there are many models and empirical data to estimate optimal performance, there is still a high level of variability from batch to batch. This can be caused by different mechanisms from process steps upstream which can change the materials being filtered or separated to the actual conditions in the process vessel changing over time. However with the correct real time information from the actual process unit.

It will be possible to improve consistency of filters and identify end points in different separation processes. This would significantly improve efficiency and yield. The technology of process tomography based on CAT scanning in medicine provides a tool for getting this sort of information. Industrial Tomography Systems has pioneered the commercialisation of this technology and leads the world in its application.