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Samuel Adam Wright: Marketing executive at ITS
Mar 2014

Meet the team: Sam Wright, marketing executive

In this installment of our semi-regular series, Industrial Tomography Systems invites you to meet the company’s marketing executive…

Name: Sam Wright

Background: I’ve lived most of my life around the Manchester area, having studied a BSc in Management at Manchester Business School between 2006 and 2009. Marketing has always been my passion, and I have been able to hone my skills in a number of different roles prior to arriving at ITS, including working at south Manchester’s leading community center, and two online training providers.

Role at ITS: As the company’s marketing executive, I’m responsible for overseeing every aspect of ITS’s marketing; from website development and email campaigns to organizing annual user workshops. In recent months I’ve been working to enhance ITS’s social media presence by generating content to share through LinkedIn, and spearheading the company’s move into the world of Twitter. In addition to these marketing responsibilities, I also work closely with the rest of the sales team to drive sales forward, win new customers, and liaise with users of our technology.

Hobbies: Theology is of great interest to me; I love discussing ideas around the nature of faith and exploring why we believe what we believe. I also chair a small charity that specializes in delivering fun and interactive RE lessons in local schools, and am an active part of my church community in Altrincham.

Thoughts on ITS solutions: ITS technology is simply remarkable. The level of insight that tomography offers is very impressive, and is significantly more versatile and considerably safer than alternative radiation-based solutions. Plus the company’s latest software updates have helped to make the technology even easier to use than ever before.

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