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Tomography in 2014
Dec 2014

Reflecting back on 2014

What a year 2014 has been for ITS!

Over the past 12 months we have continued to expand our global presence, installing dozens of systems across for continents. With other orders coming in from across the globe, from Canada to China and from Austria to Australia, it’s extremely encouraging to see so many people becoming passionate about our tomography solutions.

Of course, it’s not just our customers who are getting behind tomography; in 2014 we received a substantial injection of funding to enable us to develop the next generation of densitometers, which will equip world’s hydraulic conveying giants to “go green” and replace their gamma densitometers with more cost-effective and environmentally friendly densitometers. Throughout 2014 we’ve been installing these ground-breaking tools, and we’re looking forward to working with more organisations in mining and other industries in 2015.

In addition to this funding, ITS has also been awarded 2 new KTP projects, one of which will see us working closely with our partners in academia to develop the successor to our popular ECT instrument, allowing users to visualise non-conductive media at much faster speeds, opening up this powerful technology to new industries and applications. Watch this space for more news about this exciting development in the new year.

It’s not just our hardware has continued to evolve; our software is also constantly being improved and enhanced. Hot on the heels of the launch of our Version 8 Software for ERT applications is the new Reconstruction Toolsuite: the first commercial software to introduce non-LBP methods to users, offering a suite of reconstruction algorithms for users to generate more accurate tomograms, focusing on either hard edges or soft gradients depending on the demands of users’ applications.

With all of these technological innovations from 2014, we’re enthusiastic about communicating their benefits to customers in entertaining and interactive ways. To this end, 2014 saw the launch of our webinar programme, where every few weeks we broadcast live to users; sharing insights about our technology, providing live demonstrations, and taking questions from attendees. We’ve even converted a room in our Manchester facility into a webinar studio to ensure that those who attend our webinars enjoy a high-quality online experience. We have an exciting schedule of webinars planned for 2015; including sessions focusing on industries as diverse as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, and mining; as well as specialist webinars to demonstrate the versatility of our software, including one in delivered by the lead software developer of our new Reconstruction Toolsuite.

2014 has seen a number of behind-the-scenes changes at ITS too, including the addition of 4 new staff members and 2 new non-executive directors, who are keen to mine their years of valuable experience to push ITS to achieve even greater successes in 2015.

Reflecting back on 2014 with Ken PrimroseAll-in-all, 2014 has been an incredibly positive year for ITS, and as we look ahead to 2015, I am confident that will rise to the challenges ahead and continue to push the boundaries of technology with our world-leading process visualisation solutions.

Ken Primrose,