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Mar 2018

New Case Study: Detecting Different Flavourings During Product Changeover

Our latest case study is available to download now by hitting the button below! This new case study details recently conducted trials into improving product changeover procedure.

A common issue within food engineering plants is determining the optimum changeover time between flavourings and raw materials. If the changeover time is too short than the initial batches of the new product risk being cross-contaminated with the old product; by contrast, if the changeover time is too long the manufacturer risks wasting plenty of viable product material.

On this basis, ITS was recently contacted by an industry leading dairy manufacturer to identify their pipeline contents in order to find the most effective changeover time to minimise waste. The manufacturer has a number of short run product flavours, which it was keen to reduce wastage of due to the limited number of batches commissioned and the expensive cost of product disposal.

Product Changeover Procedure