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Opening up the world market...
Jun 2012

Opening up the world market…

June is proving to be an extremely busy one here at ITS.

We have three events that we are attending:

Mixing XXIII in Mexico – Organised by the North American Mixing Forum and attended by participants from academia, industry, equipment manufacturers and government research institutions from all over the world. We will be giving a presentation on “Applications of Electrical Resistance Tomography to optimize and control mixing” and a demonstration of ITS’s new 4-20mA output Ciao Box.

Achema 2012 in Germany – The trend-setting technology summit for chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology.

Multiphase Technology 2012 (BHR 2012) in Canada – Where we will be demonstrating online 3D flow visualisation at the event

* At all of the above events we will be providing a demonstration of the equipment and an existing ITS equipment user’s view and opinion on the technology, displaying data used as part of their research.