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North American Mixing Federation (NAMF) in Cancun
Jul 2012

North American Mixing Federation (NAMF) in Cancun

ITS joined a successful meeting of over 100 delegates at the North American Mixing Federation (NAMF) in Cancun on the Mexican Riviera.

ITS was delighted to present in the opening session on “The Application of Electrical Resistance Tomography to the control and optimization of mixing”. Three case studies were presented covering batch and continuous mixing of mixing in consumer goods, specialty chemicals and nuclear waste management.

There were a wide range of topics presented by new and well-known faces to the mixing community. Included among the presentations were several where delegates presented other applications of process tomography using ITS technology.

ITS also had an interactive demonstration at the meeting where delegates could add material to a mixing vessel and ITS’s p2+ would initiate a mixer and then switch if off once mixing was completed.