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The ITS flow loop in our R&D lab
Feb 2023

New Flow Loop Investment at ITS

ITS has ambitious plans for both product development and for working closely with our customers on demanding applications.

A key part of the infrastructure to support these plans is our investment in a new flow loop. This was custom engineered to ITS’ demanding requirements and was installed in our lab in summer 2022. It has already been used in a wide variety of projects.

Key specification parameters are:

  • Flow in 25mm, 50mm and 100mm (1”, 2” and 4”) pipes
  • Agitation tank to make up slurry suspensions, with 1400 RPM mixer.
  • 3 x high power submersible pumps to control flow rate (15 to 111 m3/hr, 66GPM to 488 GPM (US gallons)
  • Sight glass so we can see what is flowing into the tomography system / Dens-Itometer under test
  • Conductivity compensation conductivity meter
  • Slurry separation tank for clearing up after test.
  • Electromagnetic flow meter

“This is an important addition to our laboratory and is already fully scheduled for tests and evaluation work of our new development into Summer 2023.”

Dr Hassan Amrani | Director of Operations 

If you have a new application for tomography or Density measurement, then please do contact David Harding or Connor Yarwood at