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Aug 2017

Industrial Tomography Systems Joins MultiFlowMet II

Industrial Tomography Systems (ITS) is proud to announce its involvement in this year’s European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research (EMPIR). ITS will be taking part in the follow up to 2013’s successful MultiFlowMet project, which has been dubbed ‘MultiFlowMet II’ and will focus on improving the production of oil and gas.

MultiFlowMet II aims to tackle the level of uncertainty surrounding multiphase flowmeters that currently can carry a margin of error up to 20%. For an industry, such as oil and gas, 20% is a substantial percentage which can cost billions in wasted production. As a result, MultiFlowMet II was formed to create a standardised measurement capability between multiphase flow metrology testing facilities, to help reduce the margin of error in flow meters.

ITS will contribute to MultiFlowMet II by leading the division dedicated to flow visualisation. Through using a dual modality system, which combines Electrical Resistance Tomography (technology that detects aqueous phases) with Electrical Capacitance Tomography (used to monitor oil and gas flow), users can visualise oil-gas-water multiphase flows within their pipeline.

The dual modality system proved to be a success when used during the previous MultiFlowMet project, as it uncovered a flow pattern (designated gas core slugging) which went undetected by all other equipment. This finding could prove significant for both laboratory testing and the design and development of future flowmeters. For this reason, the dual modality system is to be used more extensively in a range of different circumstances during MultiFlowMet II.

MultiFlowMet II is one of the most ambitious metrology project ever conducted: stretching over three years, encompassing ten countries and involving collaboration between seventeen commercial partners including project coordinators NEL, DNV GL, Schlumberger and Onbesubea Processing.

ITS is the only company in the world to offer a dual modality systems combining both ERT and ECT to find out more about the system or MultiFlowMet II, call us on +44 (0) 161 832 9297, email:, or send us an online enquiry!