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Feb 2020

Meet the team: Shupei Wang, Application Engineer

In this installment of our semi-regular “Meet the Team” series, ITS would like to introduce the newest member of our applications team.

Shupei Wang, Application Engineer

Background: I’m originally from China and have lived in the UK since 2012. I received my PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Manchester in January 2019. My PhD research mainly focused on electromagnetic sensing techniques in variety of industrial applications, including the use of Electrical Resistance Tomography. Prior to that, I received an MSc in Electrical Power from Newcastle University and a BEng in Microelectronics from East China Normal University. I joined the Applications Team in ITS at the start of August 2019.

Role at ITS: As an Application Engineer, my main responsibility is project delivery, which includes project planning and project management, design and development of customised systems, purchasing of materials and components, managing subcontractors, commissioning and training, technical support and after-sales service. In addition, I also contribute to certain R&D activities and projects with my background skills and knowledge.

Hobbies: Hmmm……Hobbies when living in Manchester? Football and beer must be on top of the list. I also like playing pool with friends and exploring nice restaurants with family.

Thoughts on ITS’s solutions: With four years of research experience using and comparing ITS’s products together with other technologies, I have a clear vision of the robustness and huge potential of our products. This has been proven in the last few decades with our success in both industry and academia under a vast variety of different applications. The rapid growth of sales in the dredging market worldwide in recent years is really exciting, and I have a strong belief that upcoming growth in other different sectors can also be foreseen.