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Mar 2021

Meet the team: Hanyang Xu, Applications Engineer

As part of ITS’s continuing growth, we would like to welcome Hanyang Xu, PhD as our new Applications Engineer. Read on to find out more about him, what he brings to the team and how he can help you.

Background: Originally from a beautiful city in southeast China, I have spent the last 9 years in the lovely industrial city: Manchester.  Here, I have started my journey from BEng, MSc to PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Manchester. My research of PhD is about weld inspection using electromagnetic method, and I decided to pursue the path further as I enjoy how the non-destructive testing techniques can contribute to the revolution of future industries towards intelligence, efficiency, and automation.

Role at ITS: As an Applications engineer, it is my responsibility to delivery high quality solutions to meet our customer’s specifications, this involves designing and testing systems based on customer’s requirements, alignment of product manufacturing and shipment, and implementation and support of product on-board, followed by commissioning and training to ensure the service is delivered successfully. It is also my responsibility to work closely with the marketing team and R&D team to continuously improve our products and services.

Hobbies: Food, beach, snowboarding, POPs, action movies, are all things I find myself enjoying. I would love to explore more, as well as, spending more time with my family and our little fur friend.

Thoughts on ITS’s solutions: I am honoured to have joined the global leading company in electrical tomography. I was impressed by ITS’s wide range of products that can monitor industrial processes with high performance, as well as, the worldwide connections with Academia with some of the most prestigious research institutions in the world. I believe that ITS’s non-stopping research and development in sensor design, software optimisation, implementation of AI, and other potential developments, ITS will play a significant role as an industrial solutions expert, focussing deeply on process improvement and play a role in the revolution of future digital, intelligent industries.