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Tomography at Bath University
Jul 2015

KTP between ITS and University of Bath awarded “Outstanding”

Innovate UK (the new name for the Technology Strategy Board) has awarded the knowledge transfer partnership between ITS and the University of Bath “Outstanding”.

Having already completed a successful KTP with the University of Bath that applied complex reconstruction algorithms to ITS software (as discussed here by ITS’s Dr Kent Wei), this project involves applying these algorithms to linear sensor configurations. This means that users of ITS’s linear probe sensors (which are popular with industrial applications such as batch mixing and level detection) will be able to select algorithms that create tomograms that are more representative of their processes, by enabling them to emphasize hard lines or softer gradients.

Commenting on the “Outstanding” award from Innovate UK, Dr Soleimani from Bath University’s Engineering Tomography Laboratory remarked:

“I am delighted to see that the significant impact of this project has been confirmed by independent project assessors. This project directly led to a number of novel commercial products, giving ITS a leading edge against its international competitors. It is very rewarding to see the cutting edge scientific research in our lab find such a fantastic impact to industry.”

You can read more about this KTP, and the significance of this award, on the University of Bath’s website.

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