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Tomography to visualize multiphase flows
Feb 2014

ITS partners on JRP multiphase flow project

Industrial Tomography Systems is pleased to announce its participation in a joint research project to advance the state-of-the-art in multiphase flow referencing technology in the oil and gas industry.

With the increased employment of subsea oil and gas production, measuring the flow rate of each component (oil, water, and gas) inside pipelines has become the key to operational resource efficiency, as well as a requirement for fiscal measurement. Yet typical mulitphase flow measurement systems can have margins of error reportedly up to 20% – a statistic with staggering financial implications. With technology struggling to keep pace with the financial demands of the oil industry and no universal yardstick through which to verify mulitphase flow metrology, this project aims to bridge the gap by undertaking the world’s first inter-comparison study on multiphase flow measurement.

This exciting project is being led by TUV-NEL and has the following four-fold technical objectives:

  • Develop an accurate and consistent validation reference network to enable comparison of multiphase flow metrology between labs.
  • Improve upon the methodology for determining flow patterns as a function of field variables (such as pressure, temperature, fluid velocities, etc.)
  • Develop a method that enables closer comparison between modelling and actual experiment.
  • Improve experimental methods of flow visualisation using dual modality electrical tomography.

In addition to ITS and TUV-NEL, other partners include a number of leading industrial-scale European multiphase flow metrology labs, NMIs, and multiphase metering and visual technology manufacturers:

  • Cesky Metrologicky Institut Brno (CMI), Czech Republic
  • Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany
  • VSL B.V. (VSL), Netherlands
  • APL (Atout), United Kingdom
  • Stichting Deltares (Deltares), Netherlands
  • KEMA Nederland BV (KEMA), Netherlands
  • Oil and Gas Measurement Ltd (OGM), United Kingdom
  • Process Laboratories Netherlands BV (PROLAB NL), Netherlands
  • Schlumberger Testing Services (Schlumberger), France
  • Shell Global Solutions International B.V. (Shell), Netherlands
  • University of Leeds, United Kingdom

To find out more ITS’s multiphase flow visualization solutions, visit our dedicated Multiphase Flow Application Page, or contact us via email.