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ITS Technology In The Pulp And Paper Sector
Apr 2012

ITS Technology In The Pulp And Paper Sector

The pulp and paper sector makes extensive use of mixing and flow of aqueous systems and these processes represent some of the strongest areas for ITS’s p2+ instrument.

Indeed pulp and paper teams (in Europe and North America respectively) were among the earliest adopters of ITS’s technology – over 10 years ago. Commenting on the technique in an interview in 2007, Professor Chad Bennington, from the Pulp and Paper Research group at the University of British Columbia, said “the ability to see inside an opaque system is invaluable”.

Areas where ITS systems have been applied include:

– Agitated pulp storage vessels
– Kraft digesters
– Oxygen delignification
– In-line bleaching
– De-inking
The flexibility of ITS instrumentation allows users to apply instrumentation in a variety of process environments, using probe sensors for large vessels and circular sensors for smaller vessels (up to 3.5m diameter). Key process parameters can then be identified and reduced to single or composite variables which are then fed to process control system through a 4-20mA output.

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