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ITS dominates at ISPT7
Sep 2015

ITS technology dominates ISPT7

With 75% of the speakers in the “Systems and Applications” session at ISPT7 sharing research that utilized our tomography systems, ITS continues to build on its position as the world leader in industrial process tomography.

Held every three years, the 7th International Symposium of Process Tomography (ISPT7) took place in Dresden, Germany, in early September 2015. Organized by the International Society of Industrial Process Tomography (ISIPT), the event gathered together almost one hundred of the most prominent minds in the field of process tomography to present research papers, share expertise, and encourage innovation.

Presenters who cited ITS’s tomography products as being instrumental to their research included the likes of IKTS Dresden, noted academics Brian Hoyle and Masahiro Takei, and Johnson Matthey (with process engineer Dr Peter Clark finding very close agreement when comparing data taken using an ITS ERT system with an MRI-based alternative).

Also in attendance was ITS’s own Dr Kent Wei (pictured above) who delivered a presentation looking at the use of 3D ERT for packed bed/column monitoring. Reflecting on his time at ISPT7, Dr Wei remarked:

“The conference offers a good platform for scientists to exchange knowledge about state-of-the-art tomography technologies. As a representative of ITS, I was glad to present our latest research outcomes in such event. It was particularly exciting to see many industrial and academic institutions utilizing  our instruments to conduct their research. I believe that ITS tomography technology will continue creating more impact in many industries such as oil and gas, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors.”

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