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Hanyang Xu - ITS Senior Applications Engineer - ITS
Jan 2023

ITS Support Review 2022

Here at ITS, we pride ourselves on developing robust tomography solutions that not only get our clients the data they need to improve their processes, but also stand the test of time.

Our support team work with a wide range of customers. These range from academic research pushing the boundaries of human knowledge, to industrial applications, like dredging and monitoring mixing quality, where lost production is expensive and every minute counts.

Over the course of every year, our support team log all customer queries. This gives us valuable insight into the reliability of our systems, and the effectiveness of our support packages, allowing us to continually review and improve the service we provide.

Looking at the data from the year, 2022 was another fantastic year for us and our clients. We’re delighted to share some key highlights from our Support Data from the year.

“At ITS, what we mean when we say ‘Technical Support’ is that we ensure that the systems we build for our customers perform as optimally as possible for their specific problem. This hands-on approach gives them the best out our systems.”

Dr Hassan Amrani  |  ITS Operations Director

100% Customer satisfaction

We put our customers at the forefront of everything we do. After every query, we ask our customers to provide a satisfaction rating, to ensure we deliver only the best service.

We’re proud to report that, over 2022, we achieved 100% customer service satisfaction.

We also ask for a satisfaction rating for the systems themselves, for which we returned a 92.8% satisfaction rating.

“The main challenge in 2022 faced by ITS and our clients has been the dramatic increase in lead time for shipments and parts due to the backlog from COVID-19. We’ve put a focus on reducing these increased lead times as much as possible to meet our clients’ project requirements.”

Dr Hanyang Xu  |  Senior Applications Engineer

Time spent solving issues

We know that time is precious in any process. We make our team available to ensure our systems are working the way they should for our clients across the globe, including Europe, Pacific-Asia, Americas, and Middle east.

With a global client base across many different time zones, we ensure all queries are responded to within 24 hours and travel for onsite support where required.

In 2022, our support team dealt with 382 customer queries, spending 765 hours solving these queries.

“Our global supply team ensures that our clients get the most robust custom systems with only the best quality of sensor. That’s technical support. It’s not just about over the phone support – we support our customers to find the best solution to their problem. They tell us their operating conditions and we provide a bespoke system built from custom sensors that they couldn’t get anywhere else.”

Dr Hassan Amrani

Repairs and Warranty Returns

We offer a 12-month warranty on all our systems. These systems are incredibly robust, with many of our customers using them in intensive environments.

In 2022, of the hundreds of installations, there were only 3 repairs of instruments and sensors after the warranty period. We had no instrument warranty issues and only 1 sensor warranty return, a manufacturing defect in a sensor. We quickly replaced the sensor free of charge and have completed a root cause analysis to avoid any repeat of this.

“A testament to the quality of our support is that we’ve had a long history with many customers. We start our relationship with some right from their PHD research, on to becoming academics themselves and finally to becoming professors, setting up their own department of tomography. We build a strong positive relationship with these clients throughout their professional journey, supporting them for the duration.”

Dr Hanyang Xu

“Our support team ensures our customers know that they are not on their own with their projects. They’re investing in support for their project with the physical system, but also in the expertise that comes from our team to help them achieve their research or optimisation goals.”

Dr Hassan Amrani

We look forward to continuing to support our existing and new customers over the course of 2023. If you need support with your tomography systems, reach out to our support team at any time. We look forward to hearing from you.