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Horizon 2020 funding for tomography
Aug 2015

ITS secures Horizon 2020 funding

ITS is proud to announce that it has secured funding as part of the SME Instrument Phase of Horizon 2020. This achievement is all the more impressive when one considers the anecdotal indication that only 6% of applications to this scheme are successful.

With the EU making available €80 billion of funding over a 7-year period, Horizon 2020 represents the body’s largest research and innovation scheme to date. ITS has secured a portion of this funding to engage in an extensive market research program aimed at further enhancing the company’s popular DENS-ITOMETER system – designed to replace conventional gamma radiation-based densitometers that are used to monitor slurries in the mining and dredging industries.

To this end, the Horizon 2020 funding has enabled ITS to hire a dedicated new researcher. German-born Petra Schiffer has an extensive background in industrial engineering and will be based at ITS’s head office for the next 5-months. Having already begun immersing herself in this exciting venture, Petra remarked:

The potential of the DENS-ITOMETER is mind-boggling, so it’s very important to research the opportunity thoroughly. This is a significant project, and the fact that ITS was able to secure this funding from Horizon 2020 is a testament to the company’s professionalism and commitment to technological excellence.” 

To learn more about the DENS-ITOMETER, or to talk to us directly about your mining or dredging needs, call ITS on +44 (0) 161 832 9297, send us an enquiry online, or email us.