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Nov 2019

ITS introduces new Non-Nuclear Combi-Meter in partnership with Krohne

ITS is proud to announce a new product, resulting from a successful working partnership with Krohne, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of solutions in industrial process instrumentation.

The new Combi-meter consists of a flow meter and a density meter in one unit and specifically caters for the dredging market. It can provide real time flow information which offers significant opportunities to improve dredging efficiency.

Krohne’s input has been the electromagnetic flow meter and ITS has provided the density meter. Our technology is based on electrical resistance tomography (ERT), rather than the traditional gamma radiation-based density meters that are currently on the market.

The key benefit of this non-nuclear technology is that it is an inherently safe solution and does not pose any risks associated with radioactive meters. In the long-term it is cheaper to run, as the special permits and licences required to operate the radioactive meters are not necessary for our ERT-based solution, plus the cost of maintaining a radioactive meter is eliminated. Meanwhile, Krohne’s flow meter alone has been a proven success within the dredging sector.

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Photo: Our Managing Director Ken Primrose stands beside a newly installed Combi-meter at a client site.