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Jul 2015

ITS continues showcasing innovative solutions on the global conference circuit

Fresh from exhibiting at CPACT and ACHEMA, ITS shows no sign of slowing down as staff jetted to the WEDA Dredging Summit in Houston, TX, and the 15th European Conference on Mixing in St Petersberg, Russia.

From 22nd to 25th June 2015, ITS’s USA-based operative Mark Terrell and company CEO Ken Primrose attended the 2015 Dredging Summit & Expo, hosted by WEDA (the Western Dredging Association) and Texas A&M.

Focusing dredging innovations, as well as the commercial and environmental impacts of dredging, the WEDA Dredging Summit offered an ideal opportunity for those in the dredging industry to learn about the newest trends in dredging technology, including ITS’s greener alternative to gamma densitometers: the DENS-ITOMETER.

Of his time at WEDA, Ken commented:

“What a fantastic opportunity to meet with people in the dredging sector and share with them about all that our DENS-ITOMETER has to offer, the level of interest in this tool was staggering. What’s more, it provided us with an important opportunity to hear about the needs and requirements of those on the front-line of the international dredging industry. It certainly whetted our appetite for future dredging conferences coming up next year.”

Shortly after the WEDA Dredging Summit & Expo, ITS operations manager Hassan Amrani attended the 15th European Conference on Mixing, organised by the European Federation of Chemical Engineering. With conference sessions on a range of topics from multi-phase mixing to fluid mechanics, the event provided a great opportunity to discuss ITS’s popular MIX-ITOMETER. Hassan commented:

“I had really been looking forward to this event. It was great to meet with engineers and talk about tomography face-to-face, whilst also enjoying the rich culture of St Petersburg.”

If you’d like to learn more about how our tomography-based process visualization solutions can benefit your processes, or to find out whether ITS representatives will be at a conference that you’re attending, you can call us on +44 (0) 161 832 9297, email us, or send an enquiry online.