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Jan 2020

Focus on: Mixing Applications

At ITS, our tomography technology comprises of hardware which takes the measurements and software which interprets these and provides a visual representation of the results. This is the first of a semi-regular series of articles which explore the various applications our technology can be used for.

Many customers across several industries have used our systems for mixing applications since ITS began. Our systems are used to evaluate continuous processes such as mixing of high viscosity materials and measuring effectiveness when recipe changes are implemented. ITS Technology has been applied to mixing soft drinks, haircare products, laundry detergents and a range of chemicals, to name but a few.

The video below shows a simple mixing demonstration. A vessel with a mixing device is filled with water. Dye is then added and the tomogram images pick up the mixing process inside the vessel until the dye is distributed evenly in the water – this in turn stops the mixer.

The equipment used is a custom ERT vessel sensor, plugged into a P2+ instrument running our tomography software which visualises the results.

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