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Visualize interfaces using tomography
Mar 2020

Focus on: Interface Detection Applications

At ITS, our tomography technology comprises of hardware which takes measurements and software which interprets these, providing a visual representation of the results. This is the first of a semi-regular series of articles which explore the various applications our technology can be used for.

Interface Detection (IFD) is a very widespread measurement requirement, and ITS has developed patented technology to identify interfaces within liquids. Our systems have been used in industries as diverse as nuclear waste management and petrochemicals, through to processing dairy products and beer brewing.

The short video below demonstrates a typical liquid / foam interface when beer is poured into a beaker. You can see on screen the distinction between the liquid and the foam as it separates over time. Where a foam (or “head”) on certain types of beer is seen as a mark of quality with consumers, brewing companies will undoubtedly be keen to ensure a consistency of foaming on some of their products.

The equipment used is a linear probe, plugged into a P2+ instrument running our tomography software which provides real-time visualisation of the results.

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