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ITS improves year-on-year
Oct 2013

Customer feedback: ITS products continue to improve

ITS’s 2013 User Feedback Survey has proved that our tomography systems and technical support services have improved since 2012.

At ITS, we are committed to delivering the highest standards in all areas of our work; particularly when it comes to meeting the needs of our customers. From initial correspondence through to system design, feasibility studies, installation, and ongoing technical support, we consistently strive to provide the most exceptional experience possible: the results from our most recent User Feedback Survey indicate that we’re delivering on our promises. The above graph demonstrates that users’ experiences with our instruments and senors have noticeably improved since 2012, and also indicates that our determination to improve our software is yielding positive results.

What’s more, the graph below demonstrates that our continued investment in our team of engineers has led to a significant increase in our team’s ability to reach solutions to your technical support queries, whilst our team’s speed of response to your queries continues to remain high. Coupled together, it’s perhaps no surprise that the results of the 2013 User Feedback Survey show that more respondents have technical support contracts with us compared to 2012.

Improvement in satisfaction

However, ITS is not content to rest here: we’ve listened to your feedback and are pleased to announce that we’re currently developing all new and improved software for our p2+ ERT instrument, which will enhance the user experience and provide a level of insight and depth of data as never before. Plus we’re continuing to develop new hardware to cater for new applications, and have recently recruited an experienced mechanical engineer to further strengthen our existing team. More details about all these developments will be revealed at the forthcoming ITS European User Workshop.

If you’re interest in our tomography systems, you can visit our applications page to see just how our tomography technology will empower you to better understand, optimize, and control your process. Alternatively, you can visit our products page for more details about the hardware mentioned in this article. Or if you’re an existing user of our tomography systems and you’d like to find out more about our technical support packages, simply email or call +44 (0) 161 832 9297