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Air Detection in the Manufacture of Toothpaste
Jul 2011

Air Detection in the Manufacture of Toothpaste

A major Healthcare manufacture was interested in identifying a technology which would detect the breakthrough of air from the PPV and allow preventative action to stop the air reaching the pressure pots.

The ITS p2000 Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT) system was used in trials in the R&D pilot plant. A conventional 16-electrode pipeline sensor was fitted to the outlet of a PPV to detect the presence and location of air entrained within the toothpaste.


The ERT system clearly detected air in the PPV discharge pipework. The results indicated a gross breakthrough of air with air filling most of the pipe cross section and a layer of toothpaste on the bottom of the pipe.


  • – Automatic detection of air breakthrough allows preventative action to avoid downstream problems, reducing expensive and time consuming cleaning and system restarts and increasing the productivity of the filling system.
  •  Less operator time spent checking level of toothpaste in PPVs.
  • – Less toothpaste wasted as PPVs can be emptied completely and without risk of air breakthrough to the filling line.
  • – Pressure pots and related pipework can be taken out, reducing capital cost of new plants and maintenance costs of existing plants.

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