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Meet the Team – Connor Yarwood: Technical Sales Manager

In this instalment of our “Meet the Team” series, Industrial Tomography Systems would like to introduce the newest member of our Business Development team: Connor Yarwood.


Monitoring of multiphase pharmaceutical processes using electrical resistance tomography

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) & Imperial College London have joined forces to investigate the use of non-intrusive electrical tomography measurements to interrogate mixing processes in batch vessels. With ITS being at the heart of the technology and experiment, we are reviewing the original work for the benefit of existing and prospective customers.


Examining Computational Fluid Dynamics with Electrical Capacitance Tomography

Utilising Electrical Capacitance Tomography, the Universities of Cambridge and Canterbury test the accuracy of Computational Fluid Dynamics.


Meet the team: Hanyang Xu, Applications Engineer

As part of ITS’s continuing growth, we would like to welcome Hanyang Xu, PhD as our new Applications Engineer. Read on to find out more about him, what he brings to the team and how he can help you.


Successful international consortium project concludes with significant developments for ITS non-nuclear Dens-itometer product

ITS has completed an extremely successful Eureka project leading a multinational consortium to producing product improvements and patent enhancements.