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Sensor of the Month – The XK Model ERT Sensor

The latest sensor of the month from ITS, showcasing the XK model ERT sensor for rapid column switching in Smart Columns.


Festive Opening Hours 2022

Find out our festive opening hours for 2022.


ITS instruments used in research into the mixing of adhesives

Read how researchers Sascha Voß & Morten Voß used ECT via an ITS sensor to monitor the mixing process of adhesives.


ITS MIX-ITOMETER data used in sediment plume study

Data from our MIX-ITOMETER was used in a recent study looking into sediment plume generation in deep seabed polymetallic nodule mining. Read the study here.


Determining mixing quality in batch addition with a level change using electrical tomography

Within the pharmaceutical, consumer and agrichemical sectors, there is a frequent use of stirred tank reactors to identify differentiating materials, however they are somewhat limited by their lack of instrumentation usage.