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Mar 2016

Next generation FROTH-ITOMETER: the revolutionary tool for monitoring foaming & defoaming

ITS is proud to announce the next generation of our revolutionary system for monitoring foaming and defoaming: the FROTH-ITOMETER.

Accurate level detection is a crucial task in a variety of industrial applications, yet the presence of foam can generate erroneous data by presenting false minimum and maximum levels, resulting in process downtime and problems with product quality. To combat this issue, ITS has developed the FROTH-ITOMETER sensing system based on the principles of electrical resistance tomography.

Comprised of a linear probe designed specifically for applications that involve foaming, in addition to ITS’s signature instrumentation and brand new software, the FROTH-ITOMETER allows users to visualize foaming and defoaming as it happens, as well as providing real-time data on the levels of water, foam, and air within the process volume.

Check out the video below to see the FROTH-ITOMETER in action.

With a sensor that detects levels of foam, liquid, and air simultaneously, the data provided by the FROTH-ITOMETER ensures that engineers always have an accurate understanding of foam levels, enabling them to increase batch sizes and product capacity where appropriate.

What’s more, by outputting a 4-20mA signal, the process control offered by the FROTH-ITOMETER improves efficiency by reducing anti-foam costs and process downtime, whilst also reducing waste and product loss.

ITS has a range of FROTH-ITOMETER sensors to meet the needs of your process environment, meaning that the system is suitable for pressures of up to 30 bar and temperatures of hundreds of degrees. This versatility means that the FROTH-ITOMETER can be used across a variety of industries, including pulp and paper manufacturing, food processing, alcohol brewing, dairy production, waste water treatment, froth flotation in mining, plus much more.

To learn how this powerful tool can improve level detection in your foaming and defoaming processes, you can enquire online, send us an email, or call +44 (0) 161 832 9297.