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Industrial Tomography Systems Pneumatic Flow Applications

Pneumatic conveying involves using pipes or ducts to act as transport lines conveying solids in a stream of air.

Pneumatic conveying covers a wide range of materials – foods (such as rice and grain), plastics and minerals (such as coal) or waste (such as fly ash). Flow is usually either dense or lean phase depending on the most efficient and economical basis of transport. Conveying is carried out using pumps, compressors, blowers; in addition vacuum can also be used to pull material forward.

Flow across a pipe can be visualised providing a basis for understanding complex patterns around particular geometries, such as following pipe bends or near outlets.

ITS capacitance tomography instrumentation can be used to determine the concentration of solids in a pipeline through the difference in their dielectric properties and air. Using two planes allows the concentration distribution to be measured at known separations and specific time so providing a basis for mass flow.

Sensors are typically wrapped around a non-conducting outer and so avoid impacting flow or reducing pressure drop.

Where necessary, ITS sensors can also be used in Ex environments.

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The FLOW-ITOMETER is a packaged solution for groups engaged in multiphase flow that provides a platform for research and teaching...

Research & Education Package

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ECT Pipe Sensors

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Aimflow from ITS


Aimflow uses cross-correlation between two tomography sensors to generate a multi-phase velocity map...

Advanced Algorithms from ITS

Advanced Algorithms

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Tomography Data Analysis Software


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